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    We provide the best residential and commercial inspection services in Greater Boston and the surrounding areas. R & C Inspectors has gained recognition in the real estate industry in all of Massachusetts.

    Home Exterior

    Home Structure

    Plumbing Systems

    Heating And Cooling Systems

    Electrical Systems


    Indoor Air Quality

    Radon Testing

    Our Certified home inspectors provide a wide range of home inspection services including radon testing, termite inspection, indoor air quality testing, and much more. We aim to cover every nook and corner of the building and provide you with a detailed report immediately after the inspection.

    When it comes to radon test, we can detect accurate radon levels within your home. Radon is an odorless, colorless, carcinogenic gas known as a silent killer. It penetrates houses through microscopic fractures or breaches in the foundation. It can only be found in the quality testing results of air, water, or soil samples collected by our inspectors.

    Indoor air quality testing is an important but often overlooked aspect of a home inspection. This is because contaminants in the air are easy to miss. However, air quality testing often reveals serious underlying issues that may be a threat to the residents of the property. Our home inspectors use state-of-the-art air quality testing equipment to detect contaminants in your home's air so you can contact the right professionals for quality-control measures.

    Do you have any digestion problems but cannot find their cause? It might be due to the water you are drinking. To begin, consider your location when trying to decide whether or not to have your water supply evaluated. The extent of isolation of your source of water will determine the degree of groundwater pollution.

    When termite inspectors go on the search, they look for several key bits of evidence. These are indicators that you may not be able to detect on your own. Sadly, you may not even notice termites in your household until they've caused havoc on your wooden furniture. That is why termite inspections are still so important.

    Commercial Property Inspection Service in the Greater Boston Area

      Our expertise and knowledge allow us to offer the best residential and commercial property inspection money can buy. Our comprehensive home inspection service covers the entire site area and structural components that are readily accessible.

    How It Works

    Non-Invasive Inspection

    Our non-invasive property inspections are performed using state-of-the-art tools and proven techniques to provide an accurate home inspection report.

    All-Round Inspection

    A comprehensive home inspection helps you get familiar with any underlying issues in the property.

    Detailed Home Inspection Report:

    Once the inspection is done, our inspectors will provide you with a detailed home inspection report that is easy to understand and act upon.

    What Our Clients Say

    AM R
    AM R
    14. May, 2022.
    I absolutely LOVED Working with this inspection company. The inspection detail was so precise and Ritchie the inspector was so kind. He was extremely patient and made sure to explain everything to my clients and I. I highly recommend this inspection company! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    Ademola Idowu
    Ademola Idowu
    12. May, 2022.
    I’ve worked with Richie a bunch of times now and every time is a pleasure. Worked with Ken once and he was the same! Both were super informative and great to work with, definitely highly recommend
    6. May, 2022.
    Nathan Hebert
    Nathan Hebert
    6. May, 2022.
    celeste samonte
    celeste samonte
    15. April, 2022.
    Richie was wonderful! He answered all our questions and explained it the way we understood it. Very friendly and accommodating. Definitely worth recommending.
    John Tu
    John Tu
    15. April, 2022.
    I trust Richie Wong to perform Home Inspection for me. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough on inspecting the home for me. I definitely will use his service again. His fee matches his service.
    Kelsey Devlin
    Kelsey Devlin
    26. March, 2022.
    I highly recommend R & C Inspectors!! Jean gave me all the information I needed to choose which package was right for me. She is super helpful and so pleasant. Richie did our inspection a few days later and I have nothing but good things to say about him! He is extremely professional and explained everything to us (first time home buyers) in great detail. Plus he has the best high tech equipment…doesn’t mess around! You won’t be disappointed with R&C Inspectors!
    jiezhen huang
    jiezhen huang
    3. February, 2022.
    Jarrett Lau
    Jarrett Lau
    2. January, 2022.
    Richie and his team are fantastic, they are very thorough and take the time to explain to all of our clients the property and the condition it is in. I can always trust them to be honest, reliable and informative.
    Nabil Sabbagh
    Nabil Sabbagh
    30. December, 2021.

    Get the Exact Value of Your Home with Our Residential Property Inspection

    Purchasing a property is a major decision, and you must confirm that your dream home checks all of the boxes before closing the deal. Potential homebuyers need to go past the face value of a new house and scrutinize it with a critical eye.

    A residential inspection aids in the detection of foundation cracks, plumbing problems, electrical risks, pest infestation, and other unseen flaws that home buyers often ignore. To better comprehend the extent of the damage and limit the chance of unnecessarily investing in future repairs, hire our reputable, certified professional home inspectors.

    Our certified home inspectors are seasoned professionals and know exactly what to look for in every nook and cranny of the property. Such an inspection can help you ascertain the true value of any property.

    The real cost of a property is the asking price minus the cost of repairs required for the property. The seller could pay this cost, or the buyer can negotiate and get the cost of repairs reduced from the asking price. In other words, a home inspection report can help home buyers better negotiate with the seller. That said, you'll need proper evidence to support such a negotiation, such as images and repair estimates, which can only be provided by our qualified, detailed, and unbiased home inspection report. Book your home inspection today and know the actual cost of the house you plan to purchase.

    Trusted Home Inspection Report in Weymouth, Greater Boston & Surrounding Areas of Massachusetts

    R&C Inspectors is one of the most trusted names for residential and commercial inspection services in South Shore, MA, and surrounding areas. We have been helping home buyers make informed decisions for the last 15 years. We are proud to be a one-stop solution for all your home inspection needs. Our certified inspectors have the right knowledge and years of experience in conducting thorough property inspections.

    Our home inspection services include radon testing, condo inspection, insect inspection, pest inspection, air quality testing, sewer scope testing, and infrared testing. Apart from visual inspection, we use cutting-edge tools like thermal imaging, moisture meter, and carbon monoxide detector to provide you with an overview of the property’s condition that you are planning to buy.

    We can detect any flaws in the commercial property, including structural flaws, flaws in the foundation, interior, and exterior flaws, damage to the roof, and issues with the electrical and plumbing systems. Our thorough commercial inspection report is not only unbiased but also offers a detailed overview of the issues within the property, with photographic proof and an easy-to-understand outline.

    Why Choose Us for Residential & Commercial Property Inspection?

    Our property inspection services provide you with the critical information you need to make an informed purchase decision. Our residential and commercial property inspection services can save you from unpleasant surprises that may surface after you have made the purchase. Issues like structural damage, pests, and radon gas can pose a serious health hazard to you and your family, and such issues may not be evident before moving in. Our reputed inspection service in Weymouth, MA, can offer the following benefits:

    • We provide you with an overview of the actual condition of the property
    • We provide you with a complete list of all the repairs required for the property to be considered safe.
    • Our residential and commercial property inspection services can be used to determine the true value of a property.
    • Our home inspection reports can be used for negotiations with the seller

    Therefore, to avoid buying a home with defects and ensure absolute peace of mind, book our expert home inspection service in Greater Boston today!

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