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    Home Inspections Newton, MA

    We are Certified Home Inspectors in Newton, MA

    Whether you’re buying, selling, or constructing a home, R&C Inspectors provides a complete home inspection service to help you make an informed choice about your investment. Our certified home inspectors are industry specialists who do a full visual and non-invasive assessment of the home from roof to base. They detect unsafe conditions and record the true state of the home, even in places you might not think to look. Our inspectors employ cutting-edge technology and information gained from years of field experience to create easy-to-read reports analyzing the condition of both residential and commercial properties, regardless of the size of your projects. For larger projects, we provide centralized coordination services to assure consistent quality and a faster process.

    Our inspectors thoroughly inspect the property, and you can count on our expertise to provide you with an inspection that meets the highest requirements. Our inspection includes numerous procedures that allow us to inspect every corner of your property. You deserve a trustworthy inspection, and we are happy to provide the greatest experience possible. Call us today to get a professional inspection done by our certified inspectors.

    We Offer following Home Inspection Services in Newton

    Get a sense of relief knowing that you’re getting the best home inspection services from professionals you can trust.

    R&C Inspectors can handle any size project and offer guidance on home inspection services. Our home inspection professionals have years of experience. We will assist you in making the process easier by locating the best professionals for your property. We promise to assist you with one of life’s most important purchases by providing you with an unbiased, professional, and detailed home inspection service, including:

    • Roof and rain gutters
    • Attic insulation and ventilation
    • Interior plumbing and electrical systems
    • Cooling and heating systems
    • Radon gas test
    • Wall, ceilings, and floors

    We assess a wide range of residential apartments, including multi-family residences that can house up to four families. You may observe your home inspector using one or more tools during the walkthrough. We provide you with technologically advanced service. Having your home examined before purchase is a good way to protect yourself. We are a reputable home inspection business that will give you all of the necessary information on the condition of your present or future property.

    Why Should You Hire Us in Newton, MA

    When buying a house, the procedure is exciting, but it may soon become stressful if you are unaware of the house’s real condition. Having a professional inspect your new home as early as possible in the purchase process can save you a lot of money due to unknown defects and maintenance.

    You’ll always know exactly where you stand when you choose us to inspect your property. We take pride in conducting reliable home inspections and are always available to respond to your inquiries after you get your inspection report. Our objective is to ensure that you understand enough about the property to make an informed decision. That is why we prioritize honesty as one of our core values. After all, if you don’t know the whole truth about the house, you won’t have all the information you need to make the best option for your situation.

    We ensure your satisfaction and exceptional customer service. We go beyond random sampling and analyze everything we can get our hands on, providing you with a much more thorough assessment and a clear picture of the property’s condition. Our certified inspectors are members of InterNACHI and have great knowledge and years of expertise.

    We also provide Home Inspection service at Waltham, Quincy, Medford, Somerville

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      How It Works

      Non-Invasive Inspection

      Our non-invasive property inspections are performed using state-of-the-art tools and proven techniques to provide an accurate home inspection report.

      All-Round Inspection

      A comprehensive home inspection helps you get familiar with any underlying issues in the property.

      Detailed Home Inspection Report:

      Once the inspection is done, our inspectors will provide you with a detailed home inspection report that is easy to understand and act upon.

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