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    Indoor Air Quality Testing Services Boston, MA

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    Indoor Air Quality Testing in Boston, MA

    R&C provides easily accessible and efficient Indoor Air Quality Testing services in Boston, MA.

    Your home is where you should feel safe and protected. However, this isn’t the case when the air in your home is contaminated. Most of us are completely unaware of these contaminants because they are usually odorless. If you truly want your home to be a safe space with clean air, the first step is to establish awareness.

    Let R&C Inspectors perform indoor air quality testing in your home in Greater Boston. Whether you are buying a newly built home or an older home, our non-invasive, no-contact indoor air quality inspection can detect harmful contaminants in the air, saving you from several respiratory problems in the long run.

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    Get Home Indoor Air Quality Testing by Certified Home Inspectors

    To know how contaminated the quality of air inside your house is and to get rid of the pollutants and other harmful compounds, get Indoor Air Quality Testing done by certified home inspectors from R&C Inspectors.

    Our certified Greater Boston home inspectors have years of experience and are equipped with the knowledge and the tools needed to offer an unparalleled service. An accurate air quality testing of your home can reveal harmful pollutants, which, if not remedied effectively, can compromise your and your family’s health. An air quality inspection can detect:

    Biological pollutants, like moulds, dander, pollen, dust mites, and bacteria

    Chemical pollutants, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde and other chemical pollutants like lead and radon

    Combustion pollutants, like carbon monoxide and tobacco smoke (incidentally, VOCs and other chemical pollutants may result from combustion)

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    Why Choose Us for Indoor Air Quality Testing in Boston?

    If you are serious about getting rid of pollutants and contaminants from your house, you must only choose the best. Procure our Indoor Air Quality Services in Boston, MA for high-grade and reliable testing.

    Our professional air quality testing service in Greater Boston, Weymouth MA, provides the most comprehensive examination of residential and commercial premises for property buyers and owners.

    Our inspectors have the latest air particle collection and dust collection equipment. The collected samples are sent to our lab, where testing can confirm air quality and reveal harmful contaminants. Certified by, we adhere to the highest service standards, always striving to exceed client expectations.

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    We spend most of our time indoors. If the quality of air inside is poor, we might risk catching respiratory illnesses and other diseases through bacteria that subtly enter our system. With indoor air that is free of life-threatening pollutants, we can promote our health and well-being.

    You can identify poor air quality if you are facing recurrent symptoms like coughing and sneezing, sinus infection, allergies, headaches, shortness of breath, or dryness and itchiness in your eyes, throat, nose, or skin.

    Exposure to gases, smoke, pollutants, or other chemical compounds is a major cause of poor indoor air quality. Moreover, if your house is not well ventilated, it might be trapping pollutants, further reducing the air quality.

    The most serious air pollutant is often overlooked as it usually isn’t visible to most residents. Mold grows in cold, damp, and dark areas of your home that are often hidden. Long-term exposure to mold can cause serious respiratory problems. To safeguard yourself and your family against mold, one must get a periodical mold inspection done as a part of their home maintenance routine.

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