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    Pest Control in Boston, MA

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    Pest Inspection Services in Boston, MA

    Nobody wants their home to be a critter’s habitat when you first move in or even after you’ve been there for a time. A pest inspection is a more specialized part of a house inspection, which includes the overall systems and construction of the property. The service offered by our licensed and expert inspectors is the best pest inspection service in South Boston. Our pest inspection service Weymouth MA includes a thorough examination of termites, rodents, bed bugs, carpenter ants, cockroaches and bees, and other creatures that can cause damage to the structure of your property and can be a health hazard too. Our InterNachi certified pest control inspector will look for evidence of damaged floorboards, baseboards, walls, siding, sewer lines, electrical connections, and more due to pest infestation. Our trained inspectors use high-end tools and techniques to detect the current level of damage and the future possibility of system failure that can help you take necessary pest control action before moving into the house. We will then prepare a detailed pest inspection report attached to the home inspection report with high-quality images. Our accurate and unbiased pest inspection report can help you negotiate the final deal amount and cancel the deal if the damage is incurable.

    Get Pest Control done by Certified Home Inspectors

    Our professional and InterNACHI-certified pest inspection service by experienced pest control inspectors in South Boston can provide you with the confidence that the house is in good shape before finalizing the deal. Also, depending upon your loan program, mortgage lender, home insurance policy, and the state you live in, a pest inspection of the house could be part of due diligence. Hiring our residential pest inspection service in Weymouth MA can offer you an integrated approach to pest management and control before you move in the house. Apart from visual inspection from the naked eye, our expert home inspectors use thermal imaging and moisture metering to detect the root cause and its major problem area of the pest infestation. By capturing the images from thermal cameras and measuring the humidity contained in the interior and exterior of the house, it is easy to prevent future system failures and unnecessary havoc in the house. Catching the hidden problems early can save a lot of money and can even save you from buying a money pit. Because nobody wants to see an unexpected and surprising cost of repair after the final deal or moving in, that can take the joy of having a new home to zero.

    Why Choose Us for Pest Inspection Services in Boston, MA?

    Our certified and experienced pest inspection service in South Boston, Weymouth MA provides you value for money. Unlike other pest inspection and pest control companies, R&C does not charge any extra fees for using sophisticated high-end tools and techniques for a pest inspection. In addition to structural damage, uncontrolled pest problems can pose a health hazard to you and your family. Our reputed inspection service in Weymouth MA can offer the following benefits

    • It provides you with the actual condition of the home foundation and structure
    • It provides you with the detail of the risks involved
    • It can give you details of repairs and time extensions needed.
    • It can help you provide scope for concessions and negotiations.
    • It can give you the basis for the cancellation of a deal if required. (if the home contingency clause is included in the contract)
    • It can help you make your property safe and secure.
    • It can take your fear out of buying and selling.
    • It can help with appraisal report formation.
    • Let you make the best-informed decision while keeping your glittering emotions under control.
    • Therefore, to avoid a huge loss when buying or selling a home, book our pest inspection service today!

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