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    What Our Clients Say

    Richie and his team are wonderful. They are my go-to home inspectors that I recommend for my clients whether they're Buying and wanting to do an inspection as part of an offer or Sellers doing a Pre-Listing inspection.

    Brian Allenby

    Richie was an excellent inspector for my first home buying experience. He answered all my questions and gave me advice on what to look for over the years to come. Booking the appointment was quick and easy which in the nervousness of a first purchase can’t be welcomed enough. Highly recommend to anyone buying a place.

    Jennifer Pond

    Richie showed up early and was ready to inspect the house. His attention to detail as an inspector was great. He answered all of my questions and went into details on certain points of the inspection. The listing agent was even more impressed with his attention to detail. Highly recommended!

    Dick Lee

    I’m a real estate agent and this is second time working with this company and I have to say it has been very pleasant working with Richie and his team. They get the job done and are very informative. My buyers and I weren’t lost at any point during our inspections. Prices are very fair and he uses the latest tech to give you a great inspection report. I will continue to use him for my future inspections!

    Darrin Doughty

    Richie was an exceptional home inspector, he was very thorough and professional throughout the whole process. He answered all of our questions and gave numerous recommendations. He’s very helpful and cares about what he does! I would recommend Richie to do anyones home inspection that wants a seamless and knowledgeable experience with trying to protect the consumer. Thank you for your service.

    Brandon Jimenez
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