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    Water Quality Testing in Boston, MA

    Do you have any digestion problems but cannot find their cause? It might be due to the water you are drinking.  To begin, consider your location when trying to decide whether or not to have your water supply evaluated. The extent of isolation of your source of water will determine the degree of groundwater pollution. Groundwater exposed to the environment has a much higher concentration of toxic components than water from an underground tank that has less interaction with pollutants on the surface. If your source of water is more open to the public or exposed to the air, testing has to be a top priority.

    Get Home Water Quality Testing Service by Certified Inspectors

    Our certified Greater Boston home inspectors have years of experience and are equipped with the knowledge and the tools needed to offer an unparalleled service. Water testing must be done regularly rather than a one-time thing. Water in itself is a thriving thing that will change for the good or the worse with time. Periodic testing will record the expansion of dangerous substances as well as the efficiency of water purification. It should be noted that, while water quality is beneficial, it is just a small portion of a bigger picture. Instead of a one-time sampling, checking will often provide a more detailed measuring system.

    Why Choose Us for Water Quality Testing in Boston, MA?

    For homebuyers and owners in Greater Boston, Weymouth MA, our professional water quality testing service offers a comprehensive evaluation of residential and business sites.

    Our inspectors are equipped with the most recent water contaminant collection and identification equipment. The collected specimens are sent to our lab for analysis, which can confirm water quality and reveal harmful toxins. We adhere to the highest service levels and strive to exceed customer expectations. Call us today.

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    There are numerous options for water testing and what you should check for in your water.

    Test strips - The strips identify the presence of specific chemicals by changing color, which is then compared to a chart that can actually prove the concentration of the relevant chemical.

    Color disk kits - Color disk test kits consist of a packet or a few drops of a liquid solution that is added to a sample of water in a reusable plastic tube to test the pH and chlorine levels.

    • Check the water for signs of cloudiness
    • Check for a slimy texture after washing with soap and water
    • Check the color of the water
    • Check for any uncommon or strong smells

    A variety of contaminants penetrate the primary water supply as a result of pollution and can find their way to the tap without it being completely filtered out. A strange taste, in addition to odor, is one of the primary signs of poor water quality. If your tap water tastes metallic, bitter, or fishy, it's possible that some pollutants are present in higher concentrations than recommended.

    Understanding the main indicators of water quality is a must as water quality is important to leading a healthy life. Measuring and monitoring the basic indicators of water quality and their main parameters is critical for standard compliance. Water quality criteria include dissolved oxygen, bioindicators, turbidity, pH, nitrate compounds, and water temperature, among other indicators.

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