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    Home Inspection in Medford, MA

    Purchasing a home can be an exciting experience. Always remember that the property’s condition is critical because you don’t want any difficulties or unpleasant surprises. It can be tough to find and hire the correct home inspector for a comprehensive and professional Montreal home inspection.

    R&C Inspection in Medford, MA, makes your life easier and takes the guesswork out of buying or selling a home by providing excellent inspections while focusing on your satisfaction.

    Don’t let your ideal home turn into a nightmare! Contact R&C Inspections now!

    Certified Home Inspectors in Medford, MA

    A house inspection is a non-intrusive evaluation of your home’s inside and outside. An inspection at R&C Inspections involves visual imaging, and evaluation of the operational objects and equipment both inside and outside the house, ranging from indoor air quality testing to radon gas testing. Our professional and skilled inspectors are licensed and educated to meet and surpass the industry’s highest requirements.

    Our inspectors at R&C Inspections know homes. We are trained to convey objectively to you what the home has to say while also demonstrating report-writing skills and technical proficiency.

    Our home inspectors are dedicated to continuous learning to give the best quality inspections in our area. At the end of every inspection, our goal is for you to be satisfied with the state of the house you are selling or buying.

    We Offer Following Home Inspection Services In Medford

    R&CInspection Services delivers professional and quality service from the minute you phone us, whether you are buying, selling, or maintaining your house. Our certified inspector will walk you around your house and tell you everything you need to know about the property.

    Our home inspection services involve a thorough assessment of the interior and outside of the home to uncover any severe flaws in the construction quality, foundation, structure, home exterior, basement, cooling and heating systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, etc.

    Additional services that can be included in your R&C Inspection package include:

    • Radon Testing Service
    • Indoor Air Quality Testing
    • Termite Inspections
    • Water Quality Testing Service

    After the home inspection is completed, our home inspector will provide you with a comprehensive report with all the findings that you can use for negotiating a better both as buyer and seller.

    Why Should You Hire Us in Medford, MA?

    Why deal with the hassle of making many phone calls to schedule inspections when you can do everything with just one? R&C Property Inspections in Medford, MA, can perform all applicable inspections and testing in your area, in addition to whole-house inspections.

    When you phone our inspection team, our courteous staff will immediately plan everything with you. We go above and beyond to be your dream team you require because it is our mission to assist you in purchasing or selling the home of your dreams.

    You can always rely on our time-tested methods and cutting-edge technology to make this process easier for you, from efficient scheduling to quick and dependable inspections. Our team of certified specialists will complete your home inspection in around half the time of a standard examination, regardless of the size of your house.

    We also provide Home Inspection service at Somerville, Newton, Waltham, Quincy

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      How It Works


      Non-Invasive Inspection

      Our non-invasive property inspections are performed using state-of-the-art tools and proven techniques to provide an accurate home inspection report.


      All-Round Inspection

      A comprehensive home inspection helps you get familiar with any underlying issues in the property.


      Detailed Home Inspection Report:

      Once the inspection is done, our inspectors will provide you with a detailed home inspection report that is easy to understand and act upon.

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