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    Radon Gas Testing Service

    Radon Testing Services in Greater Boston, MA

    Our Radon Gas Test determines if your home’s radon gas exceeds action levels established by the Environmental Protection Agency.
    What’s Included:
    We place our radon monitor in the home to test air samples for 48 plus hours to collect samples.
    We pick up the radon monitor and deliver your results.  We also sell radon testing kits as an alternate testing method.

    Get Radon Testing done by Certified Home Inspectors

    The presence of radon gas within your home may be a serious underlying health hazard. Radon is a silent killer that penetrates houses through microscopic fractures or breaches in foundations, usually left undiscovered. With professional radon testing in Greater Boston, you can learn about the presence of radon gas in your home.

    Conducting such an inspection is important because once radon has entered a property, it may remain confined within the walls and continue to harm occupants without being detected.

    Our trained and certified home inspectors in Greater Boston look for potential entry points for radon in our thorough radon inspections. Many governments promote and, in some states, require radon testing during the purchase or sale of real estate because testing is the only way to detect high radon levels in the air within the home.

    As a result of a radon inspection, you and your family will be protected from a major health risk caused by radon exposure. If you plan to purchase a property, now is the time to schedule your radon inspection in Weymouth, MA.

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    Why Choose Us for Radon Testing?

    When it comes to radon testing in Greater Boston, Weymouth, MA, R&C Inspectors are among the best in the business. Our experienced home inspector collects dust or air samples using dust collectors and aerosol impactors. We also use active equipment for radon testing like continuous radon monitors (CRMs) and continuous working level monitors (CWLMs).

    Once these samples are collected, they’re sent to our lab for testing. Once the testing in the lab is done, our professional radon inspectors prepare a radon inspection report which allows you to ensure your safety before moving in. Alternatively, homeowners can use this information to work with a radon removal specialist and deploy effective measures to improve the situation.


    Indoor radon is dangerous. Breathing radon over time raises your risk of developing lung cancer. The more you've lived in a house with high radon levels, as well as the degree of exposure, are other factors that affect your risk of radon exposure.

    Radon testing is necessary for your home as it is a toxic gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless and penetrates homes through gaps, construction joints, and drainage, so one should get the testing done.

    One out of every seven homes have a high radon exposure, making it necessary to use proper radon mitigation equipment to draw the rain gasses away from the home. This radioactive gas is highly prevalent in homes and should not be underestimated because it is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the USA.

    Yes, as with any sort of test, inaccuracies can happen. However, the chance of a false radon level result varies substantially depending on multiple factors.  We will set up the test in a low-traffic area, typically in the basement, and maintain the airflow in the area to a minimum such as opening and closing windows and doors.

    We offer two types of radon testing methods depending on your needs.   We sell radon testing kits that can be mailed back to the laboratory after 48-96 hours of sample time.  Our other method includes pick and drop-off service where we drop off our radon testing equipment at home and the results are provided to you faster than the self-testing kits.

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